Why are the weight loss results so different when eating oatmeal?

Do you know why everyone says "When you are trying to lose weight, you should eat oatmeal"? What is the relationship between oatmeal and STEP 3 PromOat® Oat Bran? To let you know more about it, I will explain the relation more to you today!

【Instant Oatmeal VS PromOat® Oat bran fiber】

Oat bran fiber is not the same as ordinary oatmeal. Actually, oat bran fiber is the key nutrition for your oatmeal weight loss strategy as most of it store in the outer layer! But what we are eating most of the time is instant oatmeal, which is something processed and ground for multiple times to cause the lost of outer layer. All the nutrition will be lost after grinding process and it’s not helpful for weight loss at all. In that case, you will probably gain some weight instead after eating those instant oatmeal.

【Oat bran fiber = Master of Oil Absorption】                     

After the water-soluble fiber in oat bran fiber combined with water, it will form a jelly-liked texture and combine with fats in your intestines in order to reduce oil absorption, scrape toxin (stool) off the intestine and finally excrete out of your body, leading the way to achieve intestine clearing and fat absorption reduction effect.

【Oat bran fiber is 10 times more β-glucan than regular oatmeal】

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that consume 3 grams of β-glucan daily can lower total cholesterol levels. What if I change my instant oatmeal to whole grain?


Ok, let's count this. How much whole grain do you have to eat to get this precious 3 grams of β-glucan? Answer: you will need to eat 300 grams of whole grain. Plus, you have to add milk or soy milk to cook with these whole grain, which is quite unbearable for your 800cc stomach! On top of that, cooking is time-consuming and you need to stir the grain from time to time. All these steps sound very overwhelming, right? But now, all you need to do is to take 30 grams of oat bran fiber DIRECTLY to get the same of amount of β-glucan!


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STEP 3's PromOat® oat bran fiber is an ingredient using an US patented non-chemical separation technology, resulting in a much higher β-glucan concentration than other oat products! Now you don't have to swallow lots of oatmeal, you don't need to spend hours to cook, you can easily take in a satisfy amount of β-glucan! Sounds cool isn’t it! Save time, save space, and bring it wherever you go.


This is how STEP 3 absorbs and effortlessly brings away fat from your intestines.

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